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shield wall online spielen

Browse Google Shopping to find the products you’re looking for, track & compare prices, and decide where to buy online or in store. The Multiverse, within DC Comics publications, is a "cosmic construct" collecting many of the fictional universes in which the published stories take place. The worlds in this multiverse share a space and fate in common, and its structure has changed several times in the history of DC Comics. The Multiverse was originally created by Perpetua, who is the mother of the Monitor, . Tropico 6 kaufen - Stürzen Sie sich als gefürchteter Diktator oder friedfertiger Staatsmann in das politische Geschehen auf Ihrem eigenen Inselstaat Tropico.

Only appears at night. After an year hiatus of not physically appearing in the Mario Kart series, Birdo returns as a playable character in Mario Kart Tour from the start of the Holiday Tour on December 18,along with the Turbo Birdo. Lion's Onlinespielen kostenlos Regular Can be used on SwordsAxesand Hammers small armaments and Thrusting Swords excepted. The Torch can be purchased from Kale in the Church of Elleh for She also appears regularly around the map, giving out gossip shield wall online spielen challenging the characters with a pop quiz. It is said that shield wall online spielen was shield wall online spielen Earth-Quality which followed more closely the stories in the original Quality publications.

Blow on the horn to release a spume of magic bubbles. It was shield wall online spielen to be part of a Multiverse with alternate versions, such as Alternative that had a reversed gender version of the Authority the Meritocracy. Birdo is also mentioned shield wall online spielen the speakers in Sunshine Airport. Charge Forth Regular Can be used on Polearms capable of thrusting, Heavy Thrusting Swordsand Twinblades. Based upon the Elseworlds story Batman: Penny slots Darkest Knight. Notable members Cheepy Giant Birdo Robirdo Thunderbirdo.

Raise the armament in a salute, releasing a golden explosion. It has, however, one superhuman known as Ultra Comics, an artificial being created upon the very essence of comic books; he is described as a "cybernetic living comic book". Here she is an all-around type and her Special Link shield wall online spielen the Egg Shot. If the armament that huuuge casino tipps und tricks 2021 agree the other hand has a skill, that skill will be used instead.

She also hosts some training sessions. Described as a world with a "permanent magical twilight", this is the homeworld of Etrigan the Demon from the planet Kamelot who fights evil as Superdemon, along with the members of the League of Shadows. Bubble Shower Blow on the horn to release a spume of magic bubbles. Dynast's Finesse Unique Bloody Helice Shield wall online spielen 5 -7 Nimbly avoid an attack, securing some distance from foes. Phantom Slash Skill inspired by the fond remembrances of the Night's Cavalry. After the alleged death of Superman, the consequent united world prospered under the Luthor family. Magma Shower Slash at foes in a twirling motion while scattering shield wall online spielen all around. Default skill on the Treespear. The only way to dodge this attack is to hit Birdo with shield wall online spielen hammer as her target is drawn near.

Default skill on the Sword of Milos. Imbue the red braid with the Giants' Flame and lash out in a wide range with a series of agile swings.

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Superman, Joel Kent, Supergirl, the Batman I, the Batman II, Superman II a. Search Results. Within this universe, the worlds of Qward and the Antimatter Earth of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika exist.

From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Optiman was apparently killed by Earth's Superdoomsday. This world has a slightly advanced alternate future timeline, where the successor of the Batman and the Justice League Beyond protect this near-future world.

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VBET CASINO BONUS Origin of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. This attack cannot be blocked. A world populated by tiny also referred to as link versions of DC Comics characters.

Earth 2 1 July [14]. Default skill for the Giant's Red Braid.

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Pokerstars hand history buy Thops's Barrier Erect a magical forcefield while swinging the shield to deflect sorceries and incantations.

The shield wall online spielen Multiverse coexists along with the collapsed Earth, the core 52 worlds, and all other versions of the Multiverse that have ever sheld. Throughout the game, the trio go up against Wario as he sends out the monsters of Wario's Woods. New Nintendo 3DS. A classic take on the Fawcett Comics characters. Justice League of America vol.


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During the events of " On Her Majesty's Sewer Service ", King Koopa hires an enormous Birdo with wings and a "K" emblazoned on its chest.

Viper Bite Unique Coil Shield?? Earth is known as Angor and a Metahuman Act was passed a few years ago. Nintendo of America usually refers to Birdo as female. Flame Spit Ready the shield, then launch a fireball from the barrel. Described as a world with a "permanent magical twilight", this is the shield wall online spielen of Etrigan the Demon from the planet Kamelot who fights evil as Superdemon, along with the members of the League of Shadows. Also in this dimension, Chloe Sullivan is engaged, Lana Lang is a married woman living in Paris, Sheriff Nancy Adams left Smallville and works as a member of the government, and Lex Luthor became President of the United States.

He has a relationship with his adopted sister, Tess. Sacred Blade Grants armament's read more holy essence and fires off a golden blade projectile. Oath of Vengeance Unique Grafted Blade Greatsword?? Plunge armament shield wall online spielen the ground to release three waves of darkness. It also had contact with heroes from other Earths. Sea of Magma Swing a molten whip overhead to temporarily cover the surrounding area in a sea of magma. Default skill on the Magma Wyrm's Scalesword. Elden Ring Skills shield wall online spielen In-game, the red team uses a general species of Birdo with a red body with a pink bow, the opposite color scheme of the character.

In the game Captain RainbowBirdo is a damsel-in-distress. She lives on Mimin Island, in the so-called 888 poker code ohne einzahlung Ouchi, or Cute Home. It is located on a remote place of the island. The Cute Home represents Birdo's personality and her likings: the interior consists of mostly pink and red equipment decorated with many heart and ribbon emblems. In the game, Birdo is imprisoned shield wall online spielen using the female bathroom, as the robot jailer does not believe her when she insists she is a girl. She gets quite upset about this, and asks Nick to go to her Cute Home and find something that will prove she is not lying. Nick finds a mysterious object under Birdo's pillow which is blurred out, though it is implied to be a vibratorit serves its purpose and Birdo is released.

Birdo develops a crush on Nick, and calls him her "boyfriend". Nick accompanies her in her walks near her Cute Home, and she helps him carry a fallen Star to the altar on the top of Mimin Island. If Nick lets Birdo's wish be granted, she flies into the sky with the Star and disappears. Birdo returns as a playable character in the Wii follow-up to Itadaki Street DSFortune Street. She is available from the start and her rank is once again a D. In Tour Mode, Birdo is faced on Yoshi's Island and Alefgard. Birdo makes her Paper Mario series debut in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Here, she appears in the level of W Snow Riseon a giant swing as Mario comes to a cliff and hits a nearby tree. She will perform to him a short serenade and then give him the Goatalso warning Mario not to "get egg on [his] face" upon swinging away. Birdo later shows up at the parade at the end of the game.

She is shown in the three-minecart-chain with article source Shy Guys for the Bowser's Snow Fort section of the parade winking at the player. Birdo appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. She holds a concert in Plum Parkshield wall online spielen by dancing Koopa Troopasbefore an audience of Shy Guys, Mario, and Huey. She also appears during the Balloons Thing animation, where she blows a kiss to the enemy to send them flying away. Birdo also appears during the credits slowly moving on her moon. Birdo reappears in Paper Mario: The Origami Kingwhere she first appears falling into the spring in Whispering Woods after Mario pulls on a nearby tree tug.

Birdo later appears in Big Sho' Theater for a performance on the second stage.

shield wall online spielen

During the act, two Paper Macho Koopa Troopas fight over her while Mario battles them. In the coffee shop at the Spring of RainbowsBirdo will appear if Mario chooses the special, where she blows slielen heart into his mug. Birdo is playable in Onljne Sports Superstars. She is a Balance type character in most sports, giving her well-rounded stats. Her stats are similar to Yoshi, but in soccer her finesse is higher, and in baseball and golf her power shield wall online spielen stronger. In tennis, though, she is instead a Speed type player as in shield wall online spielen previous appearance in Spielrn Tennis for the Nintendo Her speed allows her to run around the court quickly, but her power and spin are only average.

In golf, her default drive is yards, and her shots travel medium-high in a fade trajectory. Her emblem is once again her ribbon. Her special boost in horse racing is magenta and toto sportwetten sparkles and a bird tweet following it. Her special shot in baseball and soccer is similar to horse shield wall online spielen, but in baseball the ball is encased in a Birdo's Egg. Like all playable characters, Birdo receives five shield wall online spielen cards for each sport from the game's series of amiibo cards. All her cards reuse artwork click previous games except tennis, where her artwork is new.

When players tap in Birdo's cards, they receive jewel-themed gear that Birdo can optionally use, though the gear is only for aesthetic purposes. Players can also use jeweled gear for Birdo if they have unlocked it through purchasing randomly-packed digital cards. Birdo makes an appearance as spectator in the minigame "Megaton Punch" from Kirby Super Star. Birdo's Japanese name "Catherine" though romanized as "Cassarin" can be found within the game files of Mario's Tennisimplying she was originally intended to be playable. While Birdo herself does not appear in Mario Golf: Advance Tourshe is mentioned on the score onkine during tournaments, and appears when the GCN cable is linked to the GBA. She is one of the opponents to defeat in the Japanese game Shield wall online spielen DS. She is generally balanced with skill being her best stats. She can be found on easy and normal challenges.

In Super Mario ChessBirdos appear as this web page on Bowser's team. In the pre-release build of Mario Tennis: Ultra SmashBirdo was referenced on courtside banners by her Japanese name, "Catherine". Birdo is featured as one of the Mario -themed character skins in the Super Mario Mash-up, available in versions of Minecraft released on Nintendo systems. Birdo and the rest of her species are dinosaurs with funnel-shaped mouths and a body structure similar to a Yoshithough slightly shorter and with a row of three spikes shieeld the tail, not the head. In the various iterations of Super Mario Bros. Birdo is mostly pink, with a rounded belly, red tail spikes and purple spots on her cheeks. She has purple eyes, each of which is framed by three long, thin eyelashes. She does not have hair, and instead casino buffets open in las vegas a big red bow atop her head, which is usually her emblem.

She has small but pointed claws, with four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot. More recently, a large diamond ring set in gold is occasionally depicted on her left hand. She has a white belly like a Yoshi, as well as white-padded feet. Since Mario Golf: Toadstool TourBirdo commonly wears purple eye splelen.

shield wall online spielen

In her team name, "Birdo Bows", from Mario Super Sluggersshe wears lipstick, which is odd because she does not use lipstick during the game, nor in most of her other appearances. In the Japanese commercial for Super Mario All-Starsshe wears a white stole, shield wall online spielen very expensive-looking black dress adorned with a black necklace with many pearls, and a very elegant fan [9].

shield wall online spielen

Overall, however, Birdo's looks have not changed as drastically as many other characters have through the ages. Similar to Yoshis, Birdos also come in various colors besides pink. Below is a list of all shield wall online spielen colors and their first appearance. Birdo displays great determination and confidence in all aspects of her life. Birdo has tackled a wide variety of sports and was the first known Birdo to emerge in the public spotlight in Mario Tennis. Birdo is somewhat vain, as she perceives herself to be very beautiful and shield wall online spielen, and often strikes eccentric poses to show off her appearance.

Also, she is portrayed to be very friendly, and enjoys being with the whole Mario crew. This is shown when losing a round of 18 in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf: World Tour. She also exudes charm and elegance as shown in many games whenever she wins or appears on-screen, where she waves and blows kisses frequently. Additionally, Birdo always wears a massive diamond ring on her finger. In Mario Party 7 and Mario Party 8when Birdo gets a Starshe shows off this ring during one of her poses. Birdo appears to enjoy the spotlight, as shown in the Please click for source Shield wall online spielen series, where she occasionally puts on a singing or theatrical performance in front of Mario and other characters.

Her penchant for singing is also alluded to in Mario Kart Tourwhere she is shown on banners advertising the Sydney Music Festival in Sydney Sprint. According to Play NintendoBirdo's favorite things are in no particular order friends, big red bows, and sparkly things. Always looking for love, Birdo has had a variety of crushes and relationships throughout her life.

Birdo is very flirtatious and affectionate with others, even when she does not know them very well, as evidenced in Fortune Street where her dialogue is very playful, flirty and endearing. The spjelen of these whirlwind romances on Birdo have only been hinted at in her Egg Shot move in Mario Hoops 3-on-3which sends broken hearts flying; this is a stark contrast to Princess Peach's Heart Shot. On occasion, Birdo has enveloped people, including herself, in large eggs, in order to increase defense. She is often classified as all-around in sports games, shield wall online spielen she has a great deal of strength.

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tourhitting a nice shot while playing as her will cause a rainbow to form similar to Yoshi, but rainbow abilities have since then not been seen. Birdo also has some hints of heart based power similar to Princess Peach as shown in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour in her victory cut-scene and Mario Hoops 3-on-3 in her special shot. However, they are not as strong or as useful as Peach's hearts. This often has comedic results, such as when they only succeed in charming Birdo's Golf trophy into the air for a short time until it fell down again, to its owner's great surprise. According to the North American instruction manual of Super Mario Bros. He thinks he is a girl and he spits eggs from his mouth. This statement applies to all translations of the title. In Japanese, Birdo is said to be a male who believes she is a female and prefers to be called by a nickname, "Cathie", shield wall online spielen than her real name "Catherine" [12].

BrawlBirdo's trophy shield wall online spielen describes the character as "gender indeterminate", and uses the pronoun "it" rather than gender-specific pronouns such as "he" or "she", which has sometimes been used in other occurrences [13]. In games for the Japanese-only SatellaviewBirdo is consistently shown as an okamaa Japanese term that usually refers to a masculine man that dresses as a woman, but is also used as a slur interchangeably to refer to trans women, gay men, shield wall online spielen men, and effeminate men. Nintendo of America usually refers to Birdo as female. The femininity of Birdo is implied in Mario Kart 8where she appears on "Women of Racing Organization" advertisements in Suield Royal Raceway omline with other female characters, shieod in Sunshine Airportwhere she is referred to on the broadcasting system as "Ms.

In the American manual of Mario Golf: Toadstool Spielennevery character has a pink dot behind them, including Birdo. Nintendo of Europe usually refers to Birdo as female as well; however, the character is referred to with masculine shielv in the British English localizations of Mario Tennis Aces [15] and Super Mario Party. Additionally, in Mario Super SluggersPeach 's Heart Swingwhich stuns male characters and characters of unknown gender, does not stun female characters, including Birdo. In Paper Mario: Sticker Starthe first lyrics of Birdo's serenade allude to the gender confusion by saying, " Heart of a woman, heart of a man Both can know of love's grace In the game Captain RainbowBirdo is heard with a deep, male voice which gets high-pitched when she gets angry or excited.

Additionally, in the game's second trailer, Little Mac from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! His final verdict is, "Depending on one's view point, she is a young lady. She has a special relationship with Yoshi, since they are often partners in sports and party games. Despite this, Birdo has never appeared alongside Yoshi in a Yoshi game. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! On the official Japanese site for Mario Kart: Double Dash!! In Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64, they share a tennis source and are default partners; the two are seen to be very affectionate. In the Mario Baseball series, they share good chemistry with shield wall online spielen other, shiel she is the Sub-Captain of Yoshi's team.

The two also share the same Special Orb in Mario Party 7. Paper Mario: The Origami King. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. This article is about Birdo, the character and species seen in several games. For the ostrich creature mistakenly labeled as "Birdo" in the Super Mario Bros. For information about the character in Mario's Time Machinesee Catherine Dickens. For the minor character from WarioWare: Smooth Movessee Monettes. The three Birdos in Super Mario All-Stars. Princess Daisy 's team. Princess Peach 's team. Petey Piranha 's team. Mario Tennis. Mario Party 7. Itadaki Street DS. Mario Party 9. Birdo coverage on other NIWA wikis:. Page Birdo is very particular when it comes to fashion, though her reliance on the color pink is a bit limiting. Her bow and ring are her pride and joy. Birdo's mouth has massive suction that can even catch a ball by sucking it in.

Page 7. He'd rather be called Cathie. A Toad commentator lauds Birdo's Trick Shotthe Cheer Step, during a COM Tournament against Toadette. To refer to Birdo, the commentator uses masculine pronouns. Baidu Tieba. Retrieved February 2, Brawl trophies Super Smash Bros. Melee trophies Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirits The Super Mario Bros. Meta categories: Split requested Citation needed. Navigation menu Page actions Article Discussion View source History. Page actions Article Discussion More Tools In other languages. Personal tools Not continue reading in Talk Contributions Create account Log in.

Browse Games Characters Locations Items Allies Enemies Species Moves. Dhield Main onoine Featured articles Wiki maintenance Recent changes Random page Help. Community The 'Shroom Proposals Mario Boards Discord servers Anniversary. Tools What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Page information. In other languages Deutsch. Birdo Birdo in her appearance for Mario Party 9. Super Mario Bros. Mario Party Superstars Kazumi Totaka —present. Variants Birdoroo. Notable members Cheepy Giant Birdo Robirdo Thunderbirdo. It has been suggested that this article be split into the following: BirdoShelly.

Red Pink Mario Strikers Charged. Qall Super Mario All-Stars Yellow BS Super Mario USA cutscenes only Pink Walp Power Tennis Blue gray Mario Strikers Charged. Mario Strikers Charged. Family Computer Disk System. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Super Smash Bros. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Mario Golf: Advance Tour. Mario Superstar Baseball. Mario Kart Arcade GP 2. Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher. Wii Nintendo DS. See full bio ». Born: July 11in Newport Beach, California, USA. More at IMDbPro » Contact Info: View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro. Quick Links Biography Awards Photo Gallery.

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Online Erika Jayne Teases Rhobh's Explosive Aspen Trip: "I'm Regretful" 25 April E! Online Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem: Season Two; Peacock Renews Spin-Off Series and Sets Premiere Date 18 April TVSeriesFinale See all related articles ». Shield wall online spielen Lists Related lists from IMDb editors. They're Back: Television Spin-offs We Love. Create a list ». Bad actors - IMO. Kit Kittredge: An American Girl premiere. The Hours LA premiere. Gothika premiere. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls premiere. See all related lists ». Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDb page. Find onljne more at IMDbPro ». How Much Have You Seen?

How much of Lisa Rinna's work have you seen? User Polls Will They, Won't They? Sex and the TV Favourite TV Couple Face-Off: Daytime Emmy Dramas Favorite Fictional Movie or TV Baseball Team Out in The Boondocks See more polls ». See more awards ». Known For. Days of Our Lives Billie Reed. Melrose Place Taylor McBride. Continue reading Fury: Soielen of Shield Contessa Valentina 'Val' de Allegro Fontaine. Veronica Mars Lynn Echolls. Show all Hide all Show by Job Year » Rating » Number of Ratings » Genre » Keyword » Edit. Jump to: Actress Writer Producer Director Soundtrack Thanks Ojline Archive footage. Hide Show Actress 42 credits. Lisa Rinna voice. Lisa Rinna. Billie Reed. Show all episodes. Tammy Brooks. Everything was rewritten to comprise most elements from the former Earths One, Two, Four, S and X, which now coexisted in this reality and shared the same history.

Its history was slightly changed after the Zero Hour in Homeworld of the s JSA and Freedom Fighters, the s JLA, Superman, the Batman, Wonder Woman, the Blue Beetle and the s Marvel Family. Other heroes included the Flash Wally WestGreen Lantern Onljne Raynerthe Spectre Hal Jordanthe Huntress Helena BertinelliPower Spidlen daughter of the Atlantean mage Arion Its future was mostly unchronicled but it was known that Booster Gold came from the 25th century and the incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes existed in the 30th century. A Universe inside the Universe created by the Time Trapper to allow the existence of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century of New Earth.

It was a redux version of Earth-One. It was destroyed, shield wall online spielen with the "first" Modern Age Legion of Super-Heroes, during the Zero Hour. Reality of origin of the Modern Age General Zod and the shapeshifting being known as Matrix who donned the identity of Supergirl. A twin universe composed mostly of antimatter with a somewhat reversed morality and history. It was known for shield wall online spielen world of Qward, Oa's "evil" counterpart, where Sinestro's Yellow Power Ring was created. Later, the existence of another Earth was this web page as well where the heroes' counterparts were snield and vice versa.

Reality of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika Ultramanthe OwlmanSuperwomanPower Ring and Johnny Quick and the Justice Underground Alexander LuthorSir Solomon GrundyGeneral GroddQ-RangerLady SonarRead more Sapphireand the Quizmaster The Lex Luthor of this Earth named this reality Earth 1 and the DC Universe Earth 2.

shield wall online spielen

The Fourth World. A dimension that exists between Hell and Earth where the worlds of Apokolips and New Genesis exist and where Darkseid and the New Gods live. It shield wall online spielen stated that this dimension was protected by Darkseid during Crisis on Infinite Earths and was not affected. Unofficial name of the continuity of characters from the DCU as they appeared in the Vertigo imprint. Animal Man, John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Shade the Changing Man, Lucifer, the Swamp Thing. Structure of the time stream of the DC Universe. All retcons, "imaginary stories", alternate timelines, Shield wall online spielen, appearances in other media and even worlds of the former multiverse are branches of the main stream.

Like in a river, these branches usually returned to the main stream and affected it, which explained retcons and certain interactions with the main timeline. Dimension where the "forgotten" heroes and those who could not return after the Crisis on Infinite Earths "lived" outside the DC Universe. Known as the "Paradise Dimension", place where Alexander Luthor Jr. Unreachable and inescapable, the Paradise Dimension is akin to the concept of Heaven. Homeworld of IconStaticShield wall online spielenthe Blood Syndicate and Dharma and the Shadow Cabinet.

Most of the metahumans were part of ethnic minorities and DC Comics were a work of fiction. Most of it occurs in Dakota City after the gang-related incident known as the Big Bang which granted superpowers to many people. Homeworld of Wild C. It was known to be part of a Multiverse with alternate versions, such as Alternative that had a reversed gender version of the Authority the Meritocracy. Marvel Universe Earth Homeworld of the mainstream versions of Spider-Man, Captain America, the X-Men. It merged briefly with the DC Universe, forming the Amalgam Universe. In the Unlimited Access miniseries, Access calls this world the Marvels' Universe and Barry Allen calls it an Earth-2 A pocket universe inside it Heroes Reborn collided and merged briefly with the Wildstorm Universe in the World War III miniseries.

Homeworld of the DC and Marvel amalgamated heroes: Super Soldier, the Boomerang casino promo code Claw, Spider-Boy, the JLX, Iron Lantern, etc. A recreation of the resulting universe created by the merging of the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe of Earth in the latter's multiverse. Continuity of the mainstream DC Comics publications after Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis. Basically, continuation of New Earth of the Modern Age DC Universe with many events and situations changed. Most events in the Dakotaverse became part of this continuity after Milestone Forever and Final Shield wall online spielen. Originally named Earth-1 in 52 Trinity 52 May, Superman: Earth One December It has been presented in two forms: Reality where the Trinity Superman, the Batman and Wonder Woman of Earth-0 became gods, taking the place of extant deities. After the heroes returned to their home universe, the deities remade this universe "as it was meant to be".

New take on the flagship DC heroes created by J. Michael Straczynski ; most of the time compared to Marvel's Ultimate Universe. Based upon Earth-Two. The descendants of the WWII JSA which included Superman, the Batman and Wonder Woman formed the Justice Society Infinity in the present day. Based upon Earth-Three. Reality of the Crime Society, criminal versions of Earth-2's JSA and JSI. Based upon Earth-Four, formed by Charlton Comics characters in a Watchmen -like setting. The Blue Beetle, the Question, Captain Atom, Nightshade, the Judomaster.

Based upon Earth-S, formed by Fawcett Comics characters in a more classic and "kinder" context. The Marvel Family Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr. Based upon the Marvel Universe.

shield wall online spielen

The Americommando, Lord Havok and the Extremiststhe Zen Men. Earth is known as Angor and a Metahuman Act was passed a few years ago. Based upon the Tangent Universe. It resembles most of Earth, but part of its history is different and it has even more characters with names from Earth Based upon Earth-X. World War II was won by the Axis. Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters fight against die Gerechtigkeitsliga, Nazi counterparts of the core JLA also known as the JL-Axis. Reverse-gender version of Earth Superwoman, the Batwoman, Shield wall online spielen Man, Aquawoman, Maxine Lord, Superlad. Based upon the Batman Beyond animated series. The Batman Terry McGinnisGreen Lantern Hal Jordan II. Not to be confused with the ' Batman Beyond Universe ' which is a continuation of the original Shield wall online spielen. Dark and arcane versions of heroes. Origin of Brigadier Atom and Eve of More info, an alternate Captain Atom and Nightshade.

Keith Champagne claimed this Earth was based upon Vertigo publications with DC characters John Constantine, the Swamp Thing. Earth a. Superman Zodthe Batman Jason ToddWonder Woman Donna TroyAquaman GarthGreen Lantern Kyle Rayner The Earth of this universe was destroyed by Superboy-Prime. Earth b c. Based upon the Kamandi timeline of Earth-One. A post-apocalyptic Earth where intelligent animals have enslaved the human race. The Atomic Knights, Kamandi, a gorilla Starman, Superdemon. Based upon the Elseworlds story Justice Riders. Wild West version of the Justice League. The Bat Man, the Blue Beetle Daniel Garrettthe Man-Bat Robert Langstrom. A dieselpunk reality. A world with many aspects of the s and 40s such as art and technology.

shield wall online spielen

Homeworld of the Society of Super-Heroes Ungerade beim roulette Fate, Lady Blackhawk, the Immortal Man, Green Lantern Abin Surthe Shield wall online spielen Atom, and the Bat-Man. Based upon DC: The New Frontier. Stories are focused onlije the s as the heroes of the Golden Age witness the rising of the Silver Age heroes and form the shield wall online spielen generation team of heroes, the Justice League of America.

Magog, the Bat Family the Batman, the Red Robin Dick GraysonIbn al Xu'ffasch, Nightstar Mar'i Grayson. Continuation of Earth-C instead of a reboot. Although it was presented as shild of Hypertime, it was stated that this Earth was together with Earth-C Minus an alternate dimension, allowing it to survive the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Zoo Crew, the Scarab, The Fox and the Crow. Its alternate dimension of Earth-C Minus is the home of the Just'a Lotta Animals. Based upon the Elseworlds story Superman: Red Son. Kal-L arrives in Ukraine instead of Kansas in the s.

Reality where Frank Miller's The Dark Knight ReturnsBatman: Year OneThe Dark Knight Strikes Again and All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder were retroactively composed into a single continuity. Based upon the Elseworlds story Batman: In Darkest Knight. Bruce Wayne is given the Green Lantern power ring by Abin Sur. Clark Kent, Princess Diana and Barry Allen receive power rings as well. A universe where magic has a major role in the development of civilizations rather than science. The League of Shamans Super-Mage, the Bat-Mage, Lady Flash. Wonder Woman: Amazonia Wonder Woman arrives in Britain in shield wall online spielen 19th Century to fight the oppression of King Jack, who is actually Samstag reihenfolge am lottozahlen the Ripper.

Earth designation established by Dan DiDio in the editorial column shield wall online spielen DC Nation Earth d. A teenage Daniel Garrett is bonded to his scarab as Jaime Reyes was in New Earth. Homeworld of the Bat who is forced to fight against the Monitors by Monarch in Countdown: Arena. The Bat is the Batman as he appears in the onlne novel JSA: The Liberty Filesuggesting this world is based upon that story. The Batman acquires vampiric powers after his showdown with Dracula. This Earth was declared to be War World by a council of planets so conflicts between planets could be settled here to avoid innocent casualties, since most of the Earth's life was lost as a result of their own interplanetary wars. Homeworld of the Forerunners. Originally referred to shield wall online spielen Earth in Shield wall online spielen This Earth was rebuilt a few times: The Batman goes on a global crusade against crime after Batman: The Killing Jokewhich started a utopian age.

This Universe was nearly destroyed by Monarch in the events of Countdown: Arena. It was later rebuilt by the Monitor Nix Uotan, then it was made part of Limbo by the Monitors and later restored by the spy agency "Checkmate" from New 2 die für personen spiele schönsten. In both incarnations, it ended in becoming the world of the comic book series Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth. Earth-Prime e. Homeworld of Superboy go here started Infinite Crisis. Everyone in this Earth spieen horrified and fearful of Superboy since they have read what he has done in DC Comics publications in Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis.

It was unknown under what circumstances this world was recreated and if it was part of the 52 Multiverse. It never had a number designation. Dimension where the stories of the New Gods take place. Darkseid, Kalibak, DeSaad, Highfather, Orion, Metron. A dimension where forgotten heroes and characters exist. They have all forgotten most of their lives. The Infinite Bookthe only book in the "Library of Limbo", exists within this dimension and it contains all of oline history of the Multiverse, as well as being the one story that tells all of the other stories, although it is unreadable. If this book is ever destroyed, all of the Multiverse will be destroyed with it as well.

A twin universe composed mostly by antimatter with a somewhat reversed morality and history. Within this universe, the worlds of Qward and the Antimatter Earth of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika exist. Earth-0 [14]. The new shield wall online spielen continuity of DC Comics. Most stories, characters and situations have been completely rebooted. It contains many elements of the Modern Age DC Universe, the Dakotaverse, the so-called Vertigo Universe onpine the Sexy roulette Universe.

Onliine teams and individuals The Justice League : Superman pre- Flashpoint Clark Kentthe Batman Bruce WayneWonder Woman Diana of ThemysciraAquaman Orinthe Flash Barry AllenCyborg Vic StoneGreen Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. The Titans : Nightwing Dick Graysonthe Flash Wally WestDonna TroyTempest GarthArsenal Roy HarperOmen Lilith Clay. The Teen Titans : Robin Damian WayneStarfire Koriand'rKid Flash Wally West IIBeast Boy Garfield LoganRaven Rachel Roth. The Suicide Squad : Rick FlagDeadshot Floyd LawtonHarley Quinn Harleen QuinzelCaptain Boomerang George "Digger" Harknessthe Enchantress June MooneKatana Tatsu YamashiroKiller Croc Waylon JonesEl Diablo Chato Santana. Shazam Billy Batsonthe Martian Manhunter J'onn J'onzzthe Green Arrow Oliver Queenthe Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance shidld, Zatanna Zatanna ZataraJohn Constantinethe Grifter Cole CashStatic Virgil Ovid Hawkins.

Also known as New Earth [14] and Prime Earth. Http:// [14]. Superman: Earth One December The Multiversity Guidebook 1 January Described as a young universe where the careers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Teen Wsll are just beginning; their stories are yet to be told and anything can happen. The universe where the various Earth One graphic novel series all take place. Earth 2 1 July [14]. Has alternate versions of Superman, the Batman and Wonder Woman known on this Earth as the Wonders of the World who fought in an invasion led by the Steppenwolf and died in the Apokolips War. Five years after their sacrifices, younger superheroes arise. Characters are derived from the Golden Age Justice Society of America, who existed on the original Golden Age Earth-Two.

The Flash Jay OnlneDoctor Fate Khalid ben-HassinHawkgirl Kendra Munoz-Saundersthe Atom Al Pratt and Green Lantern Alan Scott. Homeworld of Power Girl Kara Zor-L and the Huntress Helena Wayne who were stranded on Earth-0 for several years. It was destroyed by Darkseid after a deal was made between him and Highfather of the New Gods. At the shisld of Convergencethe world where the superheroes and their cities were trapped has now taken the place of Earth-2 as a gift from Telos so its survivors can restore their society. Earth-3 [14]. Justice League shield wall online spielen October mentioned Justice League An "evil" universe with supervillain versions of the superheroes from Earth-0, similar to the original Silver Age Earth-Three and the antimatter Earth from JLA: Earth 2. It was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor, but some members of shield wall online spielen Crime Syndicate survived.

The Crime Syndicate shield wall online spielen Ultramanthe OwlmanSuperwomanPower RingJohnny QuickAtomicaDeathstormthe Sea KingGrid. The Multiversity: Pax Americana 1 December [14]. Led by Captain Atomthe only superpowered superhero, and formed by the Blue Beetlethe Judomasterthe PeacemakerNightshade and the Question. Essentially, a world with an ethos similar to that of Watchmenbut taking place in the 21st Century and directly featuring the former Charlton Comics superheroes. These versions borrow many character traits from the Watchmen characters. Earth-5 [16]. A world protected by the champions of the wizard Shazam: the Marvel Family.

It is also known as "Thunderworld". A classic take on the Fawcett Comics characters. Although it takes place in the 21st Century, life is not as complicated or as "grim and gritty" as other worlds in the Multiverse. Tawky Tawny and Uncle MarvelDoctor Sivana and the Sivana Family Sivana Jr. Unlike in the current mainstream DC Universe, the Marvel Family all retain the name "Marvel". Earth-6 [14]. A world of superheroes with familiar names but very different origins, such as Superman, who is a stranded Kryptonian policeman, or Wonder Woman, whose powers are of Inca origin. The superheroes of this world fight against the evil Reverend Dominic Darrk, leader of the Church of Eternal Empowerment. The universe of the DC superheroes as retold by Stan Lee for the series Just Imagine The Multiversity 1 August [17]. Similar to Earth-8 in history and has superheroes with subtle differences. An Australian Aboriginal superhero named the Thunderer is the last survivor of this Earth after it fell to the Gentry.

Other superheroes included the Crusader, the Golem, Lnline, "Doc" Future, Devilfist and Microbot. This world was a pastiche of the Marvel Comics characters believed to be the Ultimate Marvel versions in particular and some other independent characters such as Hellboy. This world was taken as a base for the Gentry in its quest to destroy the Multiverse. Ohline Multiversity 1 August [18]. A universe where its large population of superheroes spend more time fighting each other than fighting supervillains and are not very much trusted by the general population.

The Retaliators the American Crusader, Wundajin, the Behemoth, Machineheadthe Future Family, the G-Men, Lord Havok and the Extremists. A pastiche of the Marvel Universe as an "analogue" of it in the New shield wall online spielen Multiverse. Within The New 52comics featuring these characters are published by Major Comics, a fictional "equivalent" of the Real World's Marvel Comics. The universe of the Tangent Comics superheroes see the Infinite Multiverse and the 52 entries above. The Multiversity Guidebook 1 January Multiversity: Mastermen February The arrival of Kal-L and the Kryptonian technology in his rocket in Sudetenland allowed the Third Reich to secure its victory over the Allies in WWII. Overman Kal-L's name as given to him by Adolf Hitler himself is the leader of the New Reichsmen the Nazi counterpart of the Justice League in the present day. They defend Germania from its threats such as the Luthor League and the Freedom Fighters.

Earth [20]. A reversed-gender version of Earth Superheroes, politicians and even entertainers have a reversed-gender version on this matriarchal Earth. The Justice Guild: Superwoman, the Batwoman, Wondrous Man, Aquawoman, Jesse Quick, Power Man, Star Sapphire, Zatara. This world has a slightly advanced alternate future timeline, wall the successor of the Batman and the Justice League Beyond protect this near-future world. The Batman Terry McGinnisthe Justice League Beyond Superman, Green Lantern, Warhawk, Aquagirl, Big Barda, Micron. This version resembles more closely the future presented in the Batman Beyond TV series. The Multiversity Guidebook 1 January Multiversity 2 April scheduled. Described as a world with onine "permanent magical twilight", this is the homeworld of Etrigan the Demon from the planet Kamelot who fights evil as Superdemon, along with the members of the League of Shadows.

Superdemon, Hellblazer, Annataz, Witchboy, the Swampman, Fate, Deadman. The Multiversity Guidebook 1 January described Superman vol. The first of the 7 Shield wall online spielen Worlds that are yet to be revealed. The Multiversity Guidebook inline that these worlds were created by seven Monitor "magi" for a mysterious purpose. It was destroyed by Superboy-Prime of Earth The only remaining fragment of it is known as the Cosmic Grail which is apparently a Green Lantern power battery that is said to be hidden somewhere in wakl Multiverse. The Multiversity: The Just 1 December [23]. A world where xpielen superheroes won the war against evil and their children do not have much to do. They often gather to reenact battles out of boredom and enjoy a celebrity-like life. Chris KentKon-Elthe Batman II Damian WayneOffspringthe ArrowetteMegamorpho daughter of MetamorphoKyle Rayner a. Green LanternDuela Dent sielen. Nicknamed Earth-Me. This world experienced a nuclear war in Shifld Adam Strange leads the Atomic Knights of Justice in a quest to rebuild their spidlen and search for Earth's lost fragment, the Cosmic Grail.

Their base of operations is Novamerika in the 21st century. The Atomic Knights spielfn Justice consists of alternate versions of Earth-0 characters such as the Batman, Wonder Woman, the Martian Manhunter and the Challengers of the Unknown. The homeworld of the Justice Riders, an alternate version of the Justice League in a world where technology and culture were shield wall online spielen in the late 19th century by the Time Trapper. Even though it is the 21st Century, the world looks like the Old Westalthough its technology is equivalent in other ways, such as a telegraph-based " Internet " and air travel. Shield wall online spielen the Superchief, the Bat-LashMadame. In this world, superhumans have arrived in the British Empire as King Edward VII rules a 20th-century empire where electric technologies are emerging and spielwn shield wall online spielen changing fast. The Bat Man, Wonder Womanthe Blue Beetle Daniel Garrettthe Man-Bat Robert Langstromthe Accelerated Man the Flash and the Shrinking Man the Atom.

An "amalgamation" of the Elseworlds stories Gotham By GaslightBatman: Master of the Future and Wonder Woman: Amazonia Earth [24]. The Multiversity: The Society of Super Heroes-Conquerors of the Counter-World 1 September A binary universe that collides everyyears with Earth The Society shield wall online spielen Super Shield wall online spielen from that Earth are currently invading Earth The homeworld of the Society of Super Heroes, pulp versions of DC superheroes Doc Fate, the Immortal Man, Abin Sur a. Green LanternLady Blackhawk and the Atom. This world looks like the s post-WWII world. In this world President John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, the United States is optimistic about its future and the newly formed Justice League of America protect their ideals. An idealized version of the early s world whose superheroes resemble the way that they were and looked in the early Silver Wal.

Similar to that of DC: The New Frontier ; also includes John Henry Irons. This world was on the brink of apocalypse until the return of Superman after the destruction of Kansas. Older and bitter versions of the Modern Age Justice League protect this world, which is similar to that of Kingdom Come. The Atom-Smasher, Bat-Knight, the Batman, Deadman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Power Woman, the Red Hood, the Red Robin, Starman, Shield wall online spielen and Wonder Woman. Earth [25]. Kal-El, a Kryptonian who is in appearance an African-American, on this Earth is Calvin Ellis, President of the United States and is also Superman, spelen has inspired a generation of black superheroes. Superman a. Calvin Ellis, Nubia the Wonder WomanGreen Lantern, Vixen, Cyborg, the Red Tornado, Black Lightning and Steel.

The Batman, Guardian and Zatara are Caucasian, however. Earth [26]. The Multiversity 1 August Captain Carrot appears. A shield wall online spielen inhabited by intelligent, talking, anthropomorphic funny animals whose particular cartoon physics have saved it from prior destruction during learn more here various Crisis events.

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The homeworld of the Zoo Crew: Captain Carrot, Pig-Iron, Alley-Kat-Abra, Fastback, Rubberduck, Yankee Click at this page, Little Cheese deceased and the American Eagle. A Bizarro universe where the Unjustice League of Unamerica have pointless and futile adventures on the planet Htrae, which has a cubic shape and a surrounding ring. It has other alternate Bizarro versions shield wall online spielen the Earth-0 universe's characters and worlds: Adam Familiar from Nnar; the Tramian Snitch from the overpopulated Sram; a flightless Bizarro Manhawk from Raganaht; the Dismissers of the Universe from Ao; etc. The homeworld of a Soviet Superman who landed in a Russian collective farm instead of Smallville, Kansas and helped shield wall online spielen U.

After the alleged death of Superman, the consequent united world prospered under the Luthor family. This world nearly drowned because of accelerated climate change and runaway rising sea levels. Captain Leatherwing and the crew of the Flying Fox protect the seven learn more here. A pirate-themed version of the Justice League: Captain Leatherwing the BatmanRobin Redblade, Capitana Felina the Catwoman and alternate versions of Superman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern and the Teen Titans. The superheroes of this world are "amalgamations" of superheroes from Earth The Justice Titans: Super-Martian, the Bat-Lantern, Wonderhawk, Aquaflash, the Black Arrow. The Multiversity 1 August comic books appear The Multiversity Guidebook shield wall online spielen January described Multiversity: Ultra Comics March A world without superheroes. Ideas created by ordinary human minds namely, comic book writers become reality in other worlds of the Multiverse.

A mirror of the Real World. It has, shield wall online spielen, one superhuman known as Ultra Comics, an artificial being created upon the very essence of comic books; he is described as a "cybernetic living comic book". Savior, the last survivor of the ancient supercivilization of Muwas sent into the future to escape a doomed past. He inaugurated the Light Brigade in the city of Cosmoville. A pastiche of Astro City as its "analogue" in The New Described as an artificial universe constructed by Monitor "ideominers". Its superheroes are known as the Super-Americans, an "artificial" alternate version of the Justice League. Supremo, the Olympian, the Owl, Starcop, Mercury-Man, Miss X, Morphin' Man and Majesty, Queen of Venus.

A pastiche of Rob Liefeld and Alan Moore 's Awesome Comics as its "analogue" in The New Earth and Earth have been called "copies of copies" because their characters are homages to characters that were, in turn, pastiches of DC Comics shield wall online spielen. Earth [27]. The superheroes of this world, known as the Justice 9, are alternate versions of the Justice League with similar characteristics but very different names. As revealed by Red Racer, both That intertops casino classic mobile login with Comics and Major Comics are well known on this world. The Justice 9: Optiman, Iron Knight, War-Woman, Mer-Man, Red Racer, Blackbird, Bowboy, Cyberion and Flashlight. Optiman was apparently killed by Earth's Superdoomsday. In this world, technology has steadily accelerated beyond that of the Real World since the s. ByEarth already has colonies on Mars and Jupiter's satellite, Europa, as well as interstellar travel.

Its superheroes are described as lawless and cynical. Tommy Tomorrow, Manhunter and the Space Rangers. There were alternate versions of Batgirl, Robin and the Joker in this world in its s. Earth seems to have been based on the Elseworlds stories Batgirl and Robin: Thrillkiller and Batgirl and Batman: Thrillkiller '62Howard Chaykin 's revisionist take on DC's future superheroes Twilight and the " Ironwolf " stories in Weird Worlds 8—10 November—DecemberJanuary—February and October—November In this world, the Batman and Superman started their careers in the s. They aged normally and their children, grandchildren and other descendants have taken up the superheroic baton. There are also descendants of members of the JSA and JLA on this world. Superman, Joel Kent, Supergirl, shield wall online spielen Batman I, the Batman II, Superman II a. The homeworld of the Agents of W. The use of these technologies, however, adversely affects their health and lifespan.

Cyclotron, Doctor Nemo, Corvus, the Accelerator and Psi-Man. An homage to T. Earth [28]. A darker alternate opposite of Earth where supervillains had emerged and organized first instead of superheroes. The homeworld to the nemeses of the superheroes of Earth, led by Vandal Savage. The Society of Super Criminals: Vandal Savage, Doc Faust, Lady Shiva, the Blockbuster, Parallax, Count Sinestro. The Multiversity 1 August the Dino-Cop appears [29]. Described as a dark and violent world in which superheroes live a very independent life from each other, although they share the same world. A parody of the Image Comics characters. The Dino-CopSporethe Nimrod Squad Fletch check this out, VagueFlintstein.

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